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An affirmation opens the door. It’s a beginning point on the path to change. ~ Louise L. Hay

Limiting beliefs often times show up in our lives disguised as a fear.
Are your fears holding you back?
Affirmations can help you to move through your fears so that you can make powerful changes in your life.
Science has proven that what you think and believe create your reality (the placebo effect is the perfect example). Your mind is powerful enough to override even your genetic programming. This may surprise you but 80% of what you think about each day is negative and redundant.  This mindset will not create the lifestyle you want to live.
Positive affirmations create new neural pathways in your brain for more positive and empowering thinking. Positive thinking leads to inspired action. Inspired action leads to the creation of the vision you have for your life.
I recorded these Face Your Fears affirmations to help you to take back your power from your fears and free your creative mind.
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Here’s to the confident, unstoppable you!